Stafford School PTO

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The purpose of this organization is to develop and promote strong
parent-teacher relationships for the academic and social benefit of all children at Stafford Elementary School.


            Eagle News:

Welcome Back Eagles to your 2021-2022 school year!

Who is ready to soar like an Eagle? 

Name: ______________________Teacher: ________________
Dear Kiddos:
I am Thomas T. Turkey. My turkey legs are exhausted. I’ve been running away from Mrs. Mason. She wants me at her big Thanksgiving dinner. The corn and carrots sound delicious, but I think I am the main course!
Can you be kind and help disguise me as something other than a turkey? You can use scissors, glue, glitter, paper, crayons, anything you can find to disguise me! I would be so thankful.
Thank you in advance for your help!
Thomas T. Turkey

My Turkey is disguised as a ____________________________.

Mrs. Mason should eat _____________________________ instead of Thomas T. Turkey.

Disguised turkeys are due Monday 11/29
We are accepting emailed photos!
**Everyone who participates will get a goody bag**

Check out these Pumpkins:

Congratulations to Alyssa Barnes & The Gabbert Family, for Best Pumpkins!

          Nico Loukoumis          Zachary Gehr         Taisto Gonzalez        Paige Frenette       Abby Colite 

               Milo Trude             Jacob Valentin      Gabbert Family      Gabbert Family           Alyssa Barnes

                                                                                                   (1)                                (2)